The company fb-art was founded 20 years ago by the designers Herbert Fleschutz and Birgit Brendel and is nowadays successfully continued as an individual enterprise and family business by Herbert Fleschutz and his wife Alexandra Fleschutz. The main tasks of Herbert Fleschutz, decorator and graduate designer (FH), and of Alexandra Fleschutz, freelance visual artist, are all kinds of designing tasks for customers who love the special.

There are currently employed four apprentices in the enterprise. Freelance workers with qualifications in different fields of activity are regularly collaborating in a project-oriented way. Besides the principal office in Markt Wald / Germany, a second site with over 1000 m² usable surface could be acquired in Breitenbrunn / Germany. On this site there is not only room for spacious studios, but also for the stocking of our numerous rental objects, which were created over the past years, as well as for showrooms and a shop for window displays, art and design objects and antiques.

Our customers are private and business customers throughout Germany and from abroad. There are well-known department stores and furniture stores as well as restaurateurs among our regular clientele.

We would be happy to serve you, too


Here are some of our customers:

  • XXX Lutz Einrichtungshäuser

  • NK-Kaufhaus, Stockholm

  • Brown Thomas, Dublin

  • Karstadt-Hertie Kaufhäuser in Munich, Dortmund and other towns

  • Garhammer Modehaus, Waldkirchen

  • Engelhorn + Sturm Modehaus, Mannheim

  • Brauerei Feldschlösschen/ Carlsberg , Basel

  • Nordwestzentrum, Frankfurt

  • VW Automobilforum, Berlin

  • Kaufhaus Wertheim, Berlin

  • Hamburgische Elektrizitätswerke

  • YX0-Design, Frankreich


...and many more

Christmas promotion in the shop windows of the
NK department store in Stockholm:



Christmas promotion "Gnome Christmas" in the shop windows of the
department store "Hertie" in Munich:



Big Christmas fair in the halation of the furniture store XXX Lutz in Vienna: